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Special office lunch packs($6.99 and $7.99) from Bawarchi (Irving), Bheemas, and Sigree - No delivery charges. Please place office orders before 11:00AM
No delivery charges with in 5 miles for Touch Nine, Hyderabad House(Irving), Palios, Desi Pizza, 7Spice, Griha (Irving), Sai Gayatri, Dwaraka, and Basera orders
Delivery Charges $0.99 only (With in 5 miles) for Chameli, Vindu, Sarigama, Bheemas, Padma Kitchen, Swagruha, and Star Meat(Halal) Orders
UTD Students - No delivery charges for Bawarchi orders(Family Packs available). Student discount $1.99 available for Bombay Chopstix orders. 10% discount from Aritaku.